I have always loved to draw. Presenting my mother with many drawings from a young age, and getting told off at school for using the back of my notebooks as a sketchbook.

I studied art at GCSE and A-level, and studied Illustration at the University of Derby, aspiring to be a children's book illustrator. 

I have since put my illustration on hold, and concentrated on another love in my life. Animals. More specifically, dogs. 

I have always been around dogs. We are a family of dog lovers. 

My parents and I enter our dogs in Obedience competitions, and my parents run several dog training classes, with which I help. I therefore have an in-depth knowledge of dogs. How different breeds look, their personalities, how their fur falls, etc. This is very beneficial when working on a portrait. I can also transfer these skills to cats, horses, anything that is wanted. 

I also, for special occasions, draw people. Although they not as enjoyable to draw as animals are. 

I am currently an associate member at Banks Mill Studios (Derby), have had work exhibited at the Candid Art Gallery in Islington, London, have done several magazine interviews, and had a Look Book entry on the Creative Boom site.

I also regularly attend art and craft fairs where people can see my work up close. Please see the Events page if you would like to come and see me. 

I think the most important thing to know about me, is that I love my job. I love drawing, I love animals, I love working from home with my Golden Retriever asleep under my chair. And I believe that love all gets poured in to my portraits. Making them all the more special. 

For more information, please contact me at annewassellart@gmail.com