Commissioning work

Curious about how to go about ordering your own uniquely personal portrait?

This guide details the process all the way from requesting your quote to ordering, and providing the right kind of images to get the best results from your commission.

For further information or to request a quote, email

Artwork Options


Artwork can be created using a variety of mediums, when digital you can request whether you will receive a high resolution print-ready file or a printed issue, and there is a wide selection of paper and framing choices available for traditional artwork.

Base material

I typically work from a selection of high quality paper and canvas in colours and variants to suit the medium. Below are samples of the base materials available for commissions in their various colours. Fancied your feline depicted on fine gold leaf? If you have something specific in mind custom requests are always welcome, and I will do my best to meet your requirements.


Basically, if I can buy a piece of paper big enough, then you can have whatever size you would like. And all can be cropped to to fit any shape, so yes, it could fit that beautiful square frame you’ve got sitting in the loft!


Nothing will create the finishing touch on a finished piece of fine art quite like a good quality frame, custom selected to match the portraits colours and textures. Frame availability varies depending on media and size so it is best to get in touch to discuss the options available. All frames are charged at the framers cost price to me. 


The Process

1 Get in touch

Whether you know what you want down to the T or you're toying with the idea, I'll always be happy to hear from you and will be able to provide a quote and further information. If you have any pictures at this stage, send them in too!

2 Request a Quote

Once you've reviewed your options and picked the best choices for you, request a quote - it costs nothing and can be done via email or telephone

3 Agree on Terms & Conditions

Once the project has been agreed upon by both parties the project can begin! 
Typically 10% of the final fee is required before drawing begins.

4 Provide Images

The higher quality the reference picture the more accurate the artwork can be! 
See the guide on How To Photograph Your Pet for guidance

5 Artworking!

Photo updates will be sent via e-mail during the drawing process, so if anything is not going as you had hoped, we can make corrections whilst it is still possible. 

6 Artwork Approval & Final Payment

Once the work is complete I will show you a photograph of the work and request the final payment to be made

7 Artwork Delivery

Artwork can be posted via special delivery or collected if required.


8 Show off your one of a kind artwork!

Getting the Most out of your Commission

Using multiple photos

Can your pet only pose like an angel when they’re barely awake? If your little darlings become devils when you’re trying to photograph them, don’t worry! Whether you want a darling portrait of your Cat & Mouse or just want a portrait of your pooch without the dripping tongue, you can provide separate images of your pets to be combined into your ideal composition. Great for group shots & pets who just can’t sit still.

Picking your angles

Part of the joys of immortalising a person or pet is being able to capture a part of them which you don’t see every day. It can be frustrating attempting to get a hyperactive Jack Russell to sit pretty, so don’t feel you have to be constrained to a traditional pose. Likewise if your camera is full of pictures of your cute kitten sitting neatly, why not opt for the one where they were mischievously unravelling your shoelaces?

Image quality

Any types of photographs can be accepted from phone snaps to high resolution DSLR images. The bigger and clearer an image you can provide the better.

For some tips on how to take great pet photos have a look at this guide.

It is preferred (but not necessary) to have multiple reference pictures from varying angles for reference to ensure that your portrait of Scooby comes back looking as much like Scooby as he does.

Remember a past pooch

The great thing about working from photographs is that the animals don't even have to be with us anymore. If you have a selection of images of a past animal that you would like to remember when they were a bit younger, and not quite so grey, I would like nothing more than to make that happen. 

Why not have a group portrait of past and current animals? They don't even have to be the same species! 


Note: A live photography service can be available for those local to Nottingham, UK.