Some comments from people I have previously done work for:

2 Bracken & Marnie.jpg


Bracken and Marnie -

"The picture that Anne did for us really captured the personalities of Marnie and Bracken, it isn’t just a picture of two Weimaraner’s, a photograph wouldn’t be anymore lifelike. Sadly Marnie is no longer with us, but we have this lovely work of art to help us remember her." From Jackie Clarke.

5 Commision 2, Bella.jpg



Bella -

"The portrait Anne drew of my much-loved beagle captured her expression and nature perfectly. In particular, she was able to make a perfect record of the pleading eyes, so typical of the breed, and yet completely unique to my pet. Every last detail was just right. Anne has the talent to capture the essence of the subject she is studying and produce a thoroughly professional piece of art from photographs. My precious pet lives on in the portrait she has drawn." From Julie Hunt

9 Finished.jpg




Buddy - 

"Anne Wassell is an amazing artist. She’s done two pictures of my Clumber Spaniel. A pastel portrait and a fun pencil drawing. Both the pictures are very detailed and of the highest quality. I would recommend Anne to you without hesitation." From Karen Bradshaw



Charlie - 

"Anne has created a beautiful, life-like portrait of my puppy, Charlie. Its A4 sized, and it's of his head and shoulders, done in pastels. Anne regularly kept me up to date with her progress, checking if there was anything i wanted changing (which there wasn't!) The price of the picture was very reasonable, considering the time and effort she put in. I would highly reccomend you go to Anne if you're considering getting a portrait of your animal done!" From Nat Walsh



George - 

"Anne has created a faithful, living, vibrant image of my dear old cat George. She has captured him to the life and now I have not just a picture - but a record." From Chris Collier